of clients agreed that CreateCV has increased their chances of securing a job interview.


of clients agreed that knowledge gained improved their confidence to succeed at their job interviews.


of clients say that they would recommend our services to their friends, colleagues and family.


of clients are totally satisfied with our CV writing services, and agree that their money was well spent.

What our clients say…

“The first thing I learned and benefited from was the ability to understand and define my career interests when entering the job market”.
- 702 Late Night Fellowship Program

“The course was fun and interactive”.
- B.K.

Jill was able to identify the skills needed for the position I applied for”.
- K Mabena

“The sessions varied around creating career profiles (CV, cover letters, social media links etc.) in a format that compliments the job one wants to apply for”.
- DS.

“The last session provided learning in the ability to change your thinking in terms of job seeking, personal traits that provision success and empowering ‘Employee magnets’ with knowledge”.
- 702 Late Night Fellowship Program

“I met Jill through the Late Night Fellowship Program. I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Jill played a huge role in efforts to improve each delegate's employability. Before I met Jill, I was without a job for 3 years.  Her advice and training enabled me to secure an interview and I was employed within a huge multinational organisation”.
- 702 Late Night Fellowship Program

“Jill emphasized the importance of tailoring our CV's for each job application. This would enhance our chance to be noticed by recruiters. Initially my CV was 3 pages long with unnecessary information which would be irrelevant to the jobs being applied for”.
- 702 Late Night Fellowship Program

I recommend Jill to any youth /professional out there as her methodologies have proven beyond doubt that they work”.
- S.F Allen

“I applied for an internal Management position, and was very nervous. Jill prepared me for the interview and ''grilled'' me on what to expect in the interview.  Fortunately, one of the things she “grilled” me on was about budgeting and budget considerations. This came up in the interview, and I gave what I consider a flawless answer. As a result, I was promoted and am now in a Management position”.
- Z Bdair

“I recommended Jillian’s services to one other person, who was also successful in his interview; this resulted in him getting employment”.